Keizo Yaguchi
Head office:
318 Imakusuriyacho,
Koromonotana Dori,
Marutamachi Agaru,
Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto,
Postal code 602-8025
Phone: 81-75-254-6021
: 81-75-254-6022
Tokyo Office:
1-34-11 Hidakyu,
Cho-fu shi,
Tokyo, Japan
Postal code 182-0036

About half a century has passed since KOETSU'AN was established in the historical city Kyoto. Started as a Kyo-hyogu mounter, we realized the importance of conservation and preservation of cultural property, or old artworks in Japan, and expanded our business. In the June of 1997, YAGUCHI KOETSU'AN registered as a limited company. On December 1st of the year, the main office and workshop was relocated from Fushimi-ku to the present location in the central area of Kyoto city.
The current building, constructed of fire- and earthquake-proof ferro-concrete with four floors and the truck port on ground-level, which is equipped with a sophisticated security system, offers special protection against theft while the repair-works are undergoing. To help protect artworks from harmful light-rays, both the windows and lighting-system incorporate ultra-violet filters. The workshop has automatic climate control to keep the temperature and humidity at the suitable level. For exceptionally large artworks, there exists sufficient space on the third floor with a total area of 240 square meters.
In 1987, we repaired the Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion) of Rokuonji temple, so beautifully was the renovation that it has become a world cultural asset.
We have worked for conservation and repair of many hyogu including kakejiku (hanging scrolls), makimono (hand-scrolls), tsuitate (single standing screens), byoubu (folding screens), shohekiga (sliding partition and/or wall-face screens), wagaku (framed works), wahon (books), and so on. KOETSU'AN is supported not only by many excellent artisans, or well-trained workers, in the field of textile, gold-foil, joinery or cabinet-work, dyeing or printing, frame-work, Japanese lacquer, metal-carving, but is cooperated by scholars of art, history, literature, anthology and chemistry. More than that, many of traditional materials and tools used in mounting are available still in Kyoto, for instance, the best Japanese paper (washi), mounting silks (kire), and paste (furu-nori or shin-nori).
In 1989, ex-director Kazuo Yaguchi obtained a patent, Pat. No. 1645573, for a method to repair the damaged paper and its device. This is the fundamentally same method to so-called 'leaf-casting' today.

In an improved environment with ever-improving skills, I and the staff of the YAGUCHI KOETSU'AN are devoted to performing better work. It is very significant that the old cultural properties are repaired and handed on into the future. It will be our responsibility to the next generation.
Keizo Yaguchi
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